192.168.l.254: How to test and configure your Wi-Fi

192.168.l.254, a series of characters you will need to remember to test and configure your wireless network. This is the only way to access the management interface of your router. Take advantage of this to change the wifi extension key allocated by your ISP for a password you can (finally) remember!

192.168.l.254 to connect to the interface of your router

Connecting to the management interface of your router is very easy! Open your favorite internet browser, and then type one of the following addresses, depending on your internet box.

SFR box

Login: admin
Password: password

Livebox 2

Login: admin
Password: The first eight characters of the default wifi security key on the back of your Livebox (in uppercase and without spaces)


Http://192.168.l.254/ or http://gestionbbox.lan
Login: admin
Password: admin


For this box, you will need to set a password for the first connection:

Go to mafreebox.freebox.fr in your web browser.
When connecting for the first time, click on the first connection link.

A message asking whether or not you want to change your Freebox password appears on the screen of your Freebox server (choose yes by pressing the> sign on the Freebox server).

Back on your computer, set a new password directly in your browser.

Change your Wifi password

Depending on the model of your box, you can easily change your wifi settings, either to change the type of security (WEP, WPA / WPA 2 personal), password, channel used (sometimes can be source Of problems of flow) …

You can also activate an unprotected “guest” network (only activate when you have guests to avoid possible intrusions into your network), or block some devices by entering their MAC address (after that they can not More connect to your wireless network!).

If you have a Freebox Revolution, by going to your administration interface, you should come across a page resembling this one. Click on the icon framed in red as in the example below:

A window appears, in which you will find in particular a “wifi” icon:

If you have a SFR box, a Bbox or a Livebox, accessing the wifi settings is quite intuitive. Simply click on the “Wifi” tab, “Wifi Configuration” or “My Wifi” respectively. You will then come across a page that looks more or less like the following (we have taken the example of the Bbox Sensation here – but this differs quite little depending on the boxes:

To change the password of one of these networks (you can change the name at the same time), go to the “Security” tab and change the password:

Note: the latest versions of internet boxes often offer two wifi networks – one to 5GHz (or 802.11n). The latter is often only compatible with the latest computers. This technology also allows higher bit rates between the box and your compatible computer.

We advise you: do not stop in this way, and navigate a little bit in your management interface. There are many other configuration options (other than wifi) available, such as your firewall settings.

For example, you can unblock ports when certain connected applications (online games, torrent clients …) are gray. To go further, also find our tutorial to quickly solve your Wi-Fi problems.